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French Fort Vineyards

French Fort Vineyards is located on Paquin Farms, a 160 acre property located near Mammoth Cave National Park that is or has been engaged in various business and agricultural activities, including events and tourism, growing crops, timber development, parcel development and sales, and other activities. 

French Fort Vineyards has several vineyards in various stages of development, currently comprised of Chambourcin and Muscat.  The vineyards serve as a focal point for Paquin Farms, which is in development to provide venues for business and non-business group events, meetings, facilitative programs, education and training programs, mediations, group camping, team building, social events, outdoor activities, concerts, and other similar gatherings and activities.  French Fort Vineyards is located in a "dry" county and we do not have a winery or sell wine. 

French Fort Vineyards is just minutes from Mammoth Cave National Park, Nolin Lake, and other area attractions, and is less than 30 minutes from Bowling Green, 90 minutes from Louisville, and 100 minutes from Nashville.  


Please contact Jeff Paquin at 404.307.8223 or if you are interested in learning more about French Fort Vineyards.